Wednesday, February 20, 2013

2nd Birthday: Sesame Street

Somehow ButterBean is 2 years old! He is growing up so fast and each day more of his personality emerges. He is one of the funniest people I know!
His love of all things Elmo/Abby/Sesame Street prompted the theme for his 2nd birthday party: Sesame Street! I had so much fun planning this party!
Decorations were easy because it seems that every party store has a section dedicated to Sesame Street. Any bold primary colors work for this party! I picked up some plates, napkins, balloons, and table cloth at Party City. Michaels provided some cute little cardboard cutouts in the scrapbooking section. We had the party at Gatsby's work since our house would not accomodate the amount of people we expected to come. 

The food was the most fun to make. I made the same turkey sandwiches that I made for his first birthday (big success both times). We also had Abby Magic Fairy wands -- fruit on bamboo skewers
Burt & Ernie veggie sticks with Ranch dressing
Big Bird popcorn puffs (ButterBean gags on  the hulls of popcorn, so we had to get the puffy kind)
Goldfish crackers in honor of Elmo's goldfish, Dorothy. I considered getting ButterBean a real goldfish for his birthday, but I decided I didn't want to take care of one!
Elmo and Big Bird crackers and Sesame Street juice boxes were picked up at Babies R Us on a diaper run, but you can find those lots of places. 
For dessert we had Cookie Monster Cookies and Elmo cupcakes. 

The kids played Oscar's Trash Toss, which was just throwing crumpled news paper into my tiny compost bucket that looks like a mini trash can. Running up and down the hallway was another favorite!

 ButterBean got more presents that we know what to do with! It's time for a toy purge in this house!

I had a great time with this party and most importantly, I think ButterBean did too!
After the party ButterBean insisted I put a tie on him!

party favors!!


  1. Happy 2nd birthday to Butterbeans!! :) Such a sweet birthday party and love the food selections too! Amazing how fast our babies are growing up, isn't it.

  2. AAh! How did that happen! Happy Belated Birthday Dominic!!! Carly, your are AWESOME... what a fun party!!! The cupcakes are insanely cute! I miss you so. We need to catch up soon!!